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About Us

We are a sourcing and logistics firm focused on the supplies America needs to fight COVID-19. Based in Pittsburgh, we have been working since the beginning of 2020, as we recognized America needed resources more quickly than traditional suppliers were able to supply. 

We've qualified dozens of international suppliers of masks, respirators, and other PPE and are importing large quantities to the U.S. 

We are Focused On:


We will deliver goods  with online sales or larger orders with a PO on net 30 terms.

We will procure any necessary bonding in addition to our $1M product liability policy.

Our goal is to make deliveries as quickly as possible, so that you can receive the PPE you need to function as usual.


Just-In-Time PPE works with factories that meet relevant qualifications for FDA, CE, NIOSH and ASTM.

We employ a full-time commissioned agent who physically visits our supplier’s factories and oversees domestic movement of our shipments in China.

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We provide all certification and quality testing documentation required to ensure products meet desired specifications

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